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Monday, July 21, 2014

National Lawyers Guild (NLG): Legal Bulwark of the Communist Party

 National Lawyers Guild [NLG]

"Legal Bulwark of the Communist Party"

 .....September, 1950, House Committee on Un-American Activities (Full congressional Report -PDF)

The National Lawyers Guild(NLG) was organized in 1936 by a caucus of Communist Party, U.S.A.(CPUSA) lawyers assisted by the International Labor Defense, an American agency of the Comintern(Communist International). 

Ronald Reagan’s Executive Order that Opened the Door for Spying on Americans

Sunday, July 20, 2014

President Ronald Reagan
Much attention has been paid to the USA Patriot Act and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which grant the federal government wide latitude in collecting electronic data. But the granddaddy of spying authorizations goes back to the Reagan Administration, and even Congress doesn't know much about how it works.

Executive Order 12333 was signed by President Ronald Reagan on December 4, 1981. The order provides that the "United States intelligence effort shall provide the President and the National Security Council with the necessary information on which to base decisions concerning the conduct and development of foreign, defense and economic policy, and the protection of United States national interests from foreign security threats."

According to an op-ed by former State Department official John Napier Tye in The Washington Post, "Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-California), chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, has said that the committee has not been able to 'sufficiently' oversee activities conducted under 12333."

The order specifically charges the National Security Agency (NSA) with "Collection of signals intelligence information for national foreign intelligence purposes in accordance with guidance from the Director of Central Intelligence" and "Processing of signals intelligence data for national foreign intelligence purposes in accordance with guidance from the Director of Central Intelligence."

As part of the order dealing with the collection of intelligence, it specifies that agencies are authorized to collect and retain "Information obtained in the course of a lawful foreign intelligence, counterintelligence, international narcotics or international terrorism investigation." That section allows information about U.S. citizens to be retained as long as the collection is incidental. This is true whether or not the citizen in question is suspected of wrongdoing.

The Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies made numerous recommendations in its report on the NSA and how it deals with data. Among them was Recommendation 12, which urged that information about U.S. citizens obtained in connection with surveillance of foreign subjects be "purged upon detection" unless it has foreign intelligence value. That's apparently not being done under intelligence produced under authority of 12333.

According to a recently declassified document, "Unenciphered communications not thought to contain secret meaning may be retained for five years unless the Signals Intelligence Director determines in writing that retention for a longer period is required to respond to authorized foreign intelligence requirements."

So, what's 12333 being used for? According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, its authority is used to cull American's electronic address books and buddy lists, to put malware on Facebook servers and to justify the recording of all of a country's telephone calls.

-Steve Straehley

To Learn More:

A Primer on Executive Order 12333: The Mass Surveillance Starlet (by Mark Jaycox, Electronic Frontier Foundation)

The Importance of Morality in Our System of Government - YouTube

Published on Jul 21, 2014

JBS CEO Art Thompson's weekly news video update for July 21 - 27, 2014.

In this week's analysis behind the news video, JBS CEO Art Thompson discusses how Marx and Engels advocated for the overthrow of all existing social conditions; how a government is based on the society that puts it together; how many conservative activists don't want to talk about the "social issues"; how the Founders reflected a moral and religious society; how many things are now constitutional that were not formerly constitutional because society has been changing in its level of morality and this has led to changes in the interpretation of the Constitution; how if you don't get involved in preserving the Judeo-Christian basis of our law system and Constitution, then you are destroying society and the Constitution; and how the National Monument to the Forefathers in Plymouth, Massachusetts, features four principles undergirding our government - Morality, Law, Education, and Liberty.

National Monument to our Forefathers: The Pilgrims Formula To Save America!

Do You Attend a "Christian" Zionist Church?

For the numbskulls, evangelistas, and others who don't read, or too lazy to find the real Jesus for themselves.

Published by Charleston Voice, 3.20.12

Subversive evangelist "preachers" had a lot to do with subverting America - North and South - in goading the North to invade the South. "Parson" Brownlow was perhaps the best known. These were the Whigs, a creation of Alexander Hamilton, and the predecessor to the Republican Party. A short clip follows the immediate article. The effects of their pro-war, anti-Christian evangelism are still in motion today.

Right-wing Christian Evangelicals, End Times and Israel
by JewsOnFirst, July 31, 2006

Links to reports and documents cited in this report immediately follow it.
Christian Zionists -- Christian evangelicals who avow support of Israel based on a belief in Biblical end-times scenarios -- are whipping their followers into a fervor in favor of an attack on Iran. In a related development, conservative commentators like former House Speaker Newt Gingrich have been beating the drum for a US attack on Iran, characterizing the current conflict in Lebanon as the start of “World War Three."

Leaked Bilderberg Documents: “Nationalism Is Dangerous”

1st posted by CV 06.06.2012

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Leaked documents from the 1966 Bilderberg Group conference exclusively obtained by Infowars betray how even as far back as five decades ago U.S. Senators were being indoctrinated with the belief that “nationalism is dangerous” by Bilderberg elitists, in addition to top union heads scheming behind their members’ backs with titans of capitalism and industry.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sheriffs Head to the Border - Hallelujah!

Our sheriffs need the people to support them. They're the closest to the people than any other form of law. "State Defense Force" members may be able to assist them. Ask your local county sheriff what you can do to help.

July 17, 2014 By  
Sheriffs Go to the Border Amidst a media blackout ordered by the Obama administration, on Wednesday a group of sheriffs arrived in McAllen, Texas to investigate the on-going border crisis. The seven sheriffs, who come from counties in Maryland,Massachusetts, Illinois, North Carolina and Oregon, are concerned about the potential impact and cost that the crisis will have in their own counties and states since the federal government is attempting to relocate illegal aliens throughout the country.

Sheriff Sam Page from Rockingham County, NC described the trip as a "fact-finding mission." WFMY News reported:

Sheriff Page said, "This is a fact-finding mission and an opportunity to view the very real problems of Human Trafficking, Drug Trafficking, and Border Security at Ground Zero itself." Sheriff Page is the Co-Vice Chair of the National Sheriff's Association Border Security and Immigration Committee.

When asked about his motivations for the trip, Sheriff Tim Hodgson from Bristol County, Massachusetts said:

"I think law enforcement ought to speak out and talk about how this is impacting public health, about how it's draining our resources for schools and medical (services)."

Chief Deputy Tony Childress from Livingston County, Illinois was motivated to join the trip after heroin from Mexico caused a death in his community last week. He told the Bloomington Pantagraph:

"This program allows me the opportunity to view the real problems of human trafficking, drug trafficking and border security at ground zero itself. This situation gives drug cartels free rein and we end up with more Mexican heroin on this side of the border. Those drugs make their way to Central Illinois."

During their time in the McAllen region, the sheriffs will get a firsthand look at the border situation, and meet with state and federal officials. The sheriffs will also press federal officials to take definitive steps to halt the influx by returning illegal aliens to their home countries.

FAIR's Field Director, Susan Tully, is accompanying the sheriffs and noted that cameras were completely banned in all of the locations they visited: "They would not allow us to use our cameras anywhere today.  The Obama Administration has shut down all pictures in every facility that is controlled by the federal government."

UKRAINE: CIA And EU Collude To Execute Another Color Revolution

by Michael Thomas
February 19th, 2014
Updated 02/19/2014 at 2:17 pm 

Classic Example of “Problem ~ Reaction ~ Solution”  At Work

Even after the world community of nations watched US envoy Victoria Nuland show up in the Ukraine with the explicit purpose of fomenting a coup d’etat, the Ukrainian president seems powerless to stop its momentum.

The Truth About "Gold Backed" Cryptocurrencies

We say, "If you can't hold it, you don't own it."

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Truth About "Gold Backed" Cryptocurrencies

Another day, another salesman tries to sell us the story that they are launching the first Gold backed cryptocurrency. On this occasion it's Anthem Vault (founded by Anthem Blanchard, son of well known Gold advocate Jim Blanchard):

Newnote Financial Corp. is pleased to announce the successful development and launch of the first open-source gold-backed alternative crypto-currency, commissioned by Anthem Vault Inc. Business Wire

So are they really the first? They certainly aren't the first to launch a "Gold backed" cryptocurrency. The first I recall reading about was NoFiatCoin (XNF) which trades on the Ripple Network and was launched earlier this year:

Click Chart To Enlarge

Despite this cryptocurrencies favourable return for early adopters, the claim that it's backed by Gold (bullion) is dubious. The company simply allows those holding the cryptocurrency to exchange it for precious metals they have in stock. As Michael Suede wrote shortly after the announcement of XNF:

NoFiatCoin says that only a 1/3rd of XNFs are backed by bullion and that the market will determine the price for an XNF.  To me, this doesn't make much sense.  This means an XNF does not represent a fixed weight of gold.  Further, NoFiatCoin says redemption of XNFs for bullion requires a minimum of $3000 worth of XNFs at current market prices.

If XNFs were actually a "gold backed" currency, each XNF would have to represent a fixed unit of weight.  For example, they could set an XNF to be worth .001 ounces of gold, and if you saved up 1000 XNFs, then you could always exchange them with NoFiatCoin for an ounce of bullion.  Of course, under this system, it would be impossible to have a fixed limit of currency creation, and there would have to be a way to take XNFs out of circulation once they were redeemed for physical specie.

Without convertibility at a fixed ratio with the coins, how is this Gold backed?

Other cryptocurrencies purporting to be Gold backed include Gold Backed Coin (GBC) which also trades on the Ripple Network, they suggest that each of these coins is backed by 1/10oz of Gold. But what do we really know about this company and how or where they are storing the Gold that is supposedly backing all these coins? The domain for the website was registered only a few months ago.

Then there is Ripple Singapore which claim to be able to load your Ripple wallet with XAU (Gold), XAG (Silver) and XPT (Platinum) with the bullion backing these positions stored in Singapore by Silver Bullion Pte Ltd. Though take up doesn't appear strong, they published these audit figures on their website:

What is the benefit of storing these in your Ripple wallet? There's not much liquidity given the published reserves, why not just setup a regular unallocated account with the dealer? Not that I would recommend storing your precious metal that way either.

Further to those already mentioned there is also G8Coin, MinaCoin, XGOLD (a work in progress) and probably others that I've missed. None of these currencies really offer anything that hasn't been seen before in one form or another, for example E-gold was founded in 1996 and topped 5 million users before the Gold was eventually seized and company placed into receivership. Also, there are already online exchanges where one can buy precious metals electronically or trade peer to peer with other account holders, some of which are well established and trusted, such as BullionVault and Gold Money.
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